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Legal Investigation Services

Legal Investigation is considered a subspecialty of the field of private investigation not just in Singapore but worldwide.

A professional and qualified private legal investigator in Singapore works for lawyers and legal experts to collect evidence and information which they require for their court cases.

This brings us to these all-important questions -

  • Have you been wrongly accused of a crime you didn't commit?
  • Are you staring down at a possible law suit?
  • More importantly, do you need the help of private legal investigators in Singapore to help you evaluate and handle your case file?

If so, then Baker St Private Investigator is here to deliver you the highest caliber legal investigation services across all of Singapore to help and support your cause!

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Private Investigation Services Singapore

What We Provide As Your Chosen Legal Detective Agency Singapore

  • Our private legal investigator in Singapore will always present you with usable, relatable and accurate information concerning problems with your case
  • We deliver total legal/litigation support from the intake right down to the final disposition
  • Furthermore; we present respective attorneys 100% complete confidence via accurate information to help them battle those turbulent waters of court case proceedings and depend their client

What Includes In Our Legal Investigation Services?

  • Estate/probate legal investigations
  • Civil law investigations (including - background checks, retrieval of documents, checking assets, witness statements and interviews, accident scene investigation)
  • Family law investigation
  • Criminal law investigation
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