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Extraordinary Investigative Skills To Offer Comprehensive Private Detective Services

We Possess Extraordinary Private Investigation Skills To Offer Comprehensive Surveillance Services For All Respective Clients Across Singapore...

Our all-inclusive surveillance service will also feature local and national assignments. And no matter the situation; our private investigators for hire will get to the bottom of things and procure the proof you need to hold your own or make your stand.

Private Investigation Services Singapore

What To Expect When You Hire an Investigator From BSPI

  • We have top-class private investigators for hire, each trained to work discreetly, safely and as per the highest standards
  • We always uncover the truth no matter how obscured or discreet it is by collecting proper and relatable evidences for you act accordingly afterwards
  • Being ICO registered; we always make sure that all confidential (& private) data is optimally protected all through
  • Moreover, each of our private investigators for hire function with liability insurance coverage

The Cornerstone Of All Our Investigations in Singapore is Through Proper Surveillance...

There are many situations in your daily life when you think of hiring a personal investigator to collect information about a particular person, company or matter.

When you are not convinced about a certain subject or have some doubts about a person or want to be sure about a specific substance, then you can hire an investigator to gather evidence regarding that particular matter or person before taking any final decision about the same.

At Baker St Private Investigator Singapore, we provide you with evidential truth about a specific person, group of people, organization or subject as per your requirements. There are different sectors where we can mark our excellence as a trusted PI in Singapore.

Private Investigation Services Singapore


  • Surveillance on Partners
  • Surveillance on Boyfriend
  • Surveillance Girlfriend
  • Pre-marital Checks on Pre-marital sex
  • Negligence

We Also Perform Corporate/Commercial Surveillance Services Which Includes -

  • Surveillance on corporate partners (including cohabiting, illegal subletting or even falsified maintenance claims)
  • Insurance hoax
  • Surveillance on double dippers & gathering information to expose them
  • Surveillance on corporate espionage
  • Director fraud
  • Funds misappropriation
  • Surveillance on malpractices
  • Stolen/suspicious vehicle tracking through GPS
  • Sickness and absenteeism
  • Surveillance on signs of employee theft
  • Surveillance and investigation on non-complete breach

Other Misc Surveillance Services Includes :

  • Finding a missing person
  • Specific asset surveillance
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Personal observations and photographs
  • Witness locating & gathering statements
  • Skip tracing
  • Performing background checks
Private Investigation Services Singapore
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