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Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation

Operating as the best marriage detective agency in Singapore; we deliver a wide range of marriage-related investigations, such as:

  • Pre-marriage check 
  • Post-marital investigation
  • Spouse investigation, and 
  • Divorce case investigations

All in accordance with the Singapore laws. Our comprehensive pre-marital investigation services conducted within Singapore soil will substantiate every acquired information about the bride/groom-to-be.

Private Investigation Services Singapore

As our marriage detective agency, we do background checks on:

  • Their educational background
  • Medical record
  • Employment history
  • Criminal record
  • Conducts
  • Drinking habits
  • Existing affairs
  • Social reputation of the questioned party's family
  • Any litigation cases
  • Pending debts
  • Their social status

As Your Matrimonial Private Investigator, We Help You Find Answers You've Been Looking For...!

Though it is very tough to admit, in some situations, you cannot trust your near and dear ones. You want to but cannot rely on them because of specific reasons.

You are suspecting something mysterious but do not have any proof of the same. On the other hand, there are situations in which you may feel scared or threatened because of particular individuals, groups or incidents which you feel unusual or terrifying.

In all these conditions you need enough evidence and information to prove the severity of the situation and to take protective measures.

A matrimonial private investigator in Singapore investigates people or situations that are directly associated with you and can affect your physical, mental, social or financial wellbeing in a significant manner.

Private Investigation Services Singapore


  • Catch Cheating Spouse
  • Adultery Evidence
  • Unacceptable behavior
  • Child Custody
  • Child abuse/Neglect
  • Family Violence
  • Maintenance
  • Matrimonial Property and Assets Tracing
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