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Corporate Espionage: How to discover and protect the company?

Private Investigation in Singapore

Corporate espionage is illegal. The entrepreneur who does this against his competitors incurs a practice liable to legal proceedings.Still, the practice of industrial espionage is commonplace. It continues to harm companies, regardless of their size across the country. So, entrepreneurs require protecting themselves.If there is a suspicion that this crime is taking place against the company in Singapore, it is important to call a Private Investigation service in SingaporeWith this, the client can conduct counter-espionage. This is an investigative method that combats illegal practices carried out by third parties.

In this case, the detective can identify irregularities that may be affects the company, and also those responsible for the crime.

Uncovering espionage in the company

All business investigation work is carried out with complete secrecy, not exposing the organization’s image and not putting it at risk.

Usually, counterintelligence involves investigation in the workplace. There, the private detective will carry out a search for clandestine eavesdropping, hidden video cameras, and other paraphernalia which proves that the place is indeed under illegal monitoring.

The detective performs a mapping of the entire electronic system of the corporation to discover digital traces of possible spies and other activities that may be affecting the company. It can also be extended to telephone lines.

During the investigation, the detective can still use:

  1. Disguises, to follow the company’s routine and approach possible suspects
  2. Monitor the company’s employees through electronic tapping, photographic cameras, and also filming
  3. Accompany a suspect in his routine outside the company

Once collected, at the end of the investigation, the evidence will be presented to the client. Since all the work of the private detective is done within the law and has judicial support. All the evidence collected can be used even in legal proceedings.

Importantly, counter-espionage is one of the most complex investigative methods. It is a longer and more time-consuming investigation. However, the private detective uses all possible resources, and dedicates so that it is possible to prove or not the suspicion conclusively.

Defending yourself against industrial espionage is your right

It is interesting to observe that many people are insecure and fearful when seeking the help of a private detective. They believe that they are violating some laws.

As mentioned earlier, a private detective’s work is completely done within the law. The private detective agency has the full assistance of a legal team to guide its professionals. In addition, the profession is regulated in the country, and its practice is under the legislation. 

Hiring a private detective can also help to understand how to protect the client from future attacks, resulting in security improvements.

Other investigative methods may also be sought by entrepreneurs, such as pre-contractual investigation. They check the professional and personal lives of employees before they are hired.

How to hire a private detective?

The main point of knowing how to hire a private detective is to choose a professional who has the experience to solve your problem with agility, secrecy, and security.

  1. Research the private detective before closing the contract. Analyze their references, their experience, if they are well-known in the market, if they have a fixed office, and how long their office has existed.
  2. Check if the detective has training and documentation to perform the role of a professional detective
  3. Evaluate the investigation strategy and all equipment that will be used
  4. Know all the information about the detective so that they can complete their investigation in a shorter period.
  5. Ask for a complete contract containing the detective’s data, with details of the investigation strategy, equipment used, types of evidence that will be collected, and payment methods.
  6. Always cherish the total confidentiality of the investigation, and hold the first meeting in the detective’s office.

If anyone follows these 6 tips on how to hire a private detective, everyone will know if the professional they are dealing with is reliable and competent to solve the case.

In addition, a Private Investigation service in Singapore can work on a wide variety of cases and can find a lot of information without breaking the law, so everyone should know how to hire a private detective.

How does a private detective work?

If anyone still has doubts about how to hire a private detective and wants to know more about detective work, read below to know the main points of an investigation:

  • Interview people to gather information
  • It performs various types of searches, using public records on computers
  • Conduct surveillance (look for, follow or observe a person without that person noticing)
  • Collect evidence to present in court
  • Check employment, income, and facts about a person’s history
  • Investigates cyber crimes such as identity theft and illegal download
  • Assists in criminal and civil liability cases, insurance claims, and fraud

A professional private detective has high-tech equipment that helps him on the job. They keep an eye out for leads that people may have overlooked due to a lack of experience. 

Why rely on a well-known investigator?

So, when hiring a private detective, get all the details of the investigation to be done and talk to the well-known PI in Singapore. You can hire him directly from Baker St Private Investigator.

We have advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to obtain evidence such as photos, videos, and monitoring people from a distance. For that, we have a team of trained detectives, with several years of experience, ready to assist you 24*7 hours a day.

Our professionals adapt according to the person or company to be investigated. Our agents do this from an infiltration within a community using simple clothes and hidden cameras and accompanying executives in luxury restaurants, trips, and day -to-day professionals. Our agency is equipped with high tech technology and cutting edge equipment for fulfilling all the investigation needs.

 So, call us when you need any help and stay secure!

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