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Is your partner cheating on you? Consult with Private Investigator

The person who cheats will not assume infidelity when questioned. Therefore, anyone who wants to know how to catch someone cheating must be prepared to act discreetly, calmly, and objectively. In this way, the chances of success in the adultery bust are considerably greater. If a person thinks that it is not possible to catch it alone, hire a Private Investigator in Singapore and consult about your issues.

Who is a private detective?

A private detective is one of the most requested services. It has become very common in recent years and has increased more and more over time. The doubt of betrayal is something that can torment a person a lot. It can cause some problems, such as anxiety attacks caused by doubts about the spouse’s fidelity. Therefore, a Private Investigator in Singapore will go after proving the possible infidelity on the part of the investigated.

What would a cheating private detective be?

The private detective is a professional specializing in marital investigations. He is trained to find evidence of infidelity, acting individually or through a private detective agency.

Therefore, this professional can carry out the entire investigation process from capturing evidence to the final report. They have proof of the entire investigative process. They act in a very discreet way. So, they will wear camouflaged clothes according to the needs of each location.

How to carry out the betrayal bust?

The unfaithful spouse often has a very high sense of self-confidence. This happens because they realize that the partner does not suspect anything. They become less careful with small attitudes that may indicate the existence of an extramarital affair.

Therefore, to detect betrayal, it is necessary to observe sudden changes in the behavior of the unfaithful spouse. The main aspects that should be examined are:

  • Frequent departures without commenting on the place or with whom the person will meet
  • Harsh answers to any question, always acting defensive
  • Significant increase in expenses for no apparent reason
  • Exaggerated care with privacy, especially with cell phones and/or notebooks
  • Need for isolation
  • Lack of sexual interest in the partner
  • Sudden spending on appearances, such as going to the gym, suddenly using perfume and makeup

It is essential to assess the spouse’s behavior pattern to arrive at a fairer decision. For example, if the spouse starts exercising frequently, it could be just a health concern. However, if the partner begins to over- and compulsively take care of themselves, it could be that there is someone else in the relationship and the partner is trying to impress.

What’s the best way to catch cheating? 

The private detective will do a thorough search to look for evidence that the suspect is innocent or there is infidelity in the relationship. To get this evidence, they will map practically all the actions of the investigated individual.

In addition, through highly technological equipment, the private detective obtains evidence, such as footage, photos, geo-locations, vehicle monitoring, and much more. The type of proof varies from case to case.

In the course of the case, after obtaining these initial evidence or clues, the Private Investigator in Singapore will update through reports in the middle of each case.

Regarding the investigation time, a person cannot cite a specific date or time, since each case has its particularities and may have specific situations during the investigation.

Detective Helper Features

Professional cameras-

This is an excellent item for detectives and their assistants. It allows access to images even from a long distance and favors the confirmation of suspicions.

Data collection-

One technique often used by detectives is data collection. This technique has special relevance in investigations. It consists of collecting information from databases and other secure sources. The material captured during this survey is properly organized and stored. It avoids imminent leaks of information and data.

Electronic devices-

Cell phones, tablets, and notebooks are also widely used by private detectives as their investigation teams. Using the cell phone, the team can get in touch with each other.

At the end of the entire process, a person will have a definitive final report, with all the evidence collected in the investigative process and the final result.

“Is it a crime to hire someone to investigate my partner?”

It’s not a crime to hire a private detective for betrayal. However, it is important that the professional acts within all conduct and ethical plans of the profession. All this care will allow the private detective to act within the law.

Therefore, when a person hires a private detective, they should value the experience and reputation of the detective agency. Since, if clients opt for a more inexperienced detective, there may be some slippage in relation to the good conduct of the profession.

Generally, in the main private detective agencies, the contractor will receive a contract with all the information very well clarified.

Therefore, look for a private betrayal detective with extensive experience who can really help you with this delicate situation that you may be going through at the moment.

Count on specialized service!

Being caught cheating is certainly not a pleasant situation, but it may be necessary for the person to get rid of doubts and continue with their life, either through separation or continuity of the relationship.

If you want to rely on the expertise, quality and secrecy of the investigators of the PI agency in Singapore get in touch and learn more about Baker Street Private Investigator. We have a highly competent team specialized in marital investigation. And precisely for this reason, if a person has any questions about the marital investigation service, just get in touch and we will be able to help you with whatever you need.

Private Investigator- A comprehensive guide:

These days, the cases of treachery, theft, robbery, and other crimes are increasing alarmingly. It is not only affecting the business owners, but it also creates a mess for common people. In that case, if someone is suffering from any of these issues, they should do everything to gather information.

In that case, hiring a Private investigator in Singapore will help. Hiring this service will bring numerous benefits to the boards. Here, let’s discuss those benefits, which will help the potential clients to make the right decision. 

However, before making the decision, the clients should keep some factors in mind. Otherwise, there is a possibility that people will end up choosing a PI that is not up to the mark. So, the best thing to do is to consider those factors before making the decision. 

Reasons to opt for this service:

Thorough investigation:

One of the fundamental reasons to hire a PI is that they will conduct a thorough investigation. To be precise, they will collect reliable information and based on that, they will choose their investigation process. 

The best part is that they pay attention to every minute detail, which is imperative for an investigation. Whenever a person is hiring this service, the PI will perform numerous things such as:

  • Extensive research
  • Provide surveillance
  • Gather records
  • Conduct interviews

Compared to average people a PI can obtain more information. Their dedication and precision will ensure that they will gather information as soon as possible. 

Complex issue handling:

Most cases are quite complex. It not only requires efficiency, but it also demands time. So, if someone is trying to accomplish this task by incorporating DIY investigation methods, consider it to be a foolish idea. Without the expertise, it will be hard to handle complex cases.

Most cases are quite complex. It not only requires efficiency, but it also demands time. So, if someone is trying to accomplish this task by incorporating DIY investigation methods, consider it to be a foolish idea. Without the expertise, it will be hard to handle complex cases.

In that case, one of the best things to do is to get in touch with a PI. As they have been serving in this field for a long time, they know the best process for handling complex cases. With the help of their investigation methods, they will pull off the task efficiently. 

Ability to interpret truth:

Private investigators have numerous tools and resources rolled in their sleeves. With the help of these resources and tools, they will conduct background checks on the people that are at the centre of the investigation.


The experts will also conduct stakeouts and follow certain individuals to fathom their movements and activities. They will also use online databases to extract information on numerous issues such as:

  • Divorces
  • Marriages
  • Mortgage records
  • Criminal records
  • Other relevant data

It will help the investigators to get the point-of-view of numerous people that are witnesses to a specific act or activity. Besides, the professionals will obtain the documentation or conduct in-depth research to get facts and shreds of evidence. 

Guarantees anonymity of work:


Most people hire a PI if the involves a person they know. In that case, maintaining anonymity is a must. There is a possibility that a personal feeling about a person can block judgment and make it more difficult to conduct surveillance. Besides, it will be hard to remain objective in the evidence. 

In that case, one of the best things to do is to get in touch with a PI company. They will work as a third party that can perform their job duties without any partiality or prejudice. They also have the efficiency to minimize their activity as well as their presence. 

Factors to consider before hiring this service:

Specialized service:

Whenever a person is hiring a private investigator, they should look at whether the PI provides specialized service or not. To be precise, the client has to make sure that the investigation agency provides the concerned investigation service. 

Strong reputation:

The company that the customer is about to choose should have a strong reputation. It will not only reflect their efficiency, but it will also showcase the professionalism of the PI. If the reputation of the company is not up to the mark, people should look for a better alternative. 


The fee is one of the most imperative aspects when it comes to hiring a service. So, make sure to hire a service provider that has the best fee structure. If a person witnesses that the fee structure of the PI exceeds the budget, the client should look for a better alternative. 

Detailed report:

The service provider should craft a detailed report of the case. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the client will not have any clarity on the case. So, get in touch with a PI that will provide a detailed report on the case.


Some important questions to ask before hiring a private investigator:

Before making the decision, the clients should ask some important questions to the service providers. It will help the clients to comprehend whether the capability of the service provider is up to the mark or not. So, here is the list of questions that you must ask:

Private Investigation Singapore

  • Are they licensed?
  • What type of training did they receive before offering this service?
  • Do they have any references to share?
  • Will they deliver a report?
  • What types of cases they have handled before?
  • What types of tools and resources do they use to provide investigation?
  • What is the information they need to start the investigation process?

If the clients find that the answers to these questions are satisfactory, they are good to go. Otherwise, opting for a different service provider will be the best decision. Knowing the answers will help a person to judge the competence of the company. 

So, these are the imperative things that people need to know before hiring a PI in Singapore. If someone is looking for the best service provider in this field, they should head towards Baker St Private Investigator. They are the best Private Investigation company in SingaporePeople can stay assured that opting for this company will never go wrong. 

Funds Misappropriation/Embezzlement Investigations: How Private Investigators Can Help?

Needless to say, financial frauds and funds misappropriation are alarmingly frequent crimes that can cost a business millions. They can also be quite daunting to prove and due to this several business organisations find themselves at the losing end of fraudulent activity with little recourse.

Private Investigation Singapore

Whenever your business has lost assets, found inaccurate bookkeeping or has become entangled in illegal activity due to fraudulent practices, then hiring a professional private investigator near you in Singapore to handle these instances of embezzlement or funds misappropriation is the right course of action.

In this post, we will learn more about how a private investigator can help manage your business funds and avoid chances of misappropriation.

“Private Investigators Specialise In All Manner Of Criminal Cases Like Embezzlement And Funds Misappropriation Investigation.”

Top rated private embezzlement investigators will always get to the bottom of what is happening with your funds misappropriation and resultantly help you achieve restitution for your loss of business funds.

To uncover the truth, they will meet with claim examiners, employers and professional attorneys to discuss or share words of wisdom on the legalities of embezzlements, fraud or funds misappropriation.

Using their abundance of professional investigation experience, they will conduct a comprehensive investigation of several financial records (featuring – payroll, bank accounts, payroll accounts as well as online purchasing) to properly determine if any particular member of the organisation has been involved in embezzlement practices.

After properly examining all bank accounts and all aforementioned financial records, these experts will be able to detect any misappropriation of funds and even help with other relevant aspects of your cases such as embezzlement litigation support along with trial preparation.

“Funds Misappropriation/Embezzlement Is a Serious Statutory Offense In Many Countries!”

In several countries, embezzlement or funds misappropriation is a statutory offence under State or Federal Law. So, it is pretty clear, that such actions are strictly prohibited inside any business organisation.

To tackle such tricky situations, our investigators using their due diligence will get to the bottom of this embezzlement investigation efficiently and quickly. They will prepare a summary analysis to assure that the case warrants criminal prosecution. The case along with its analysis will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

As funds misappropriation or embezzlement mainly comprises records falsification to conceal the activity. Some wrongdoers will frequently secrete small amounts systematically over a long span. Unfortunately, such actions are not always the easiest to recover.

It is where highly trained and experienced private investigators intervene and resort to their tried and tested approaches to uncover the truths behind funds misappropriation or embezzlement.

In case of possible employee theft; a private investigator will look to prevent the theft, recover the lost amount and pursue criminal charges against the wrong-doer.

If the involved case is criminally prosecuted; there is every chance that the concerned employee will opt for restitution to avert jail time. In such a situation, professional private investigators will use their field knowledge, expertise and resources to conduct a comprehensive investigation into all financial records to find licit proof that the employee accused is indeed responsible for funds misappropriation or embezzlement.

Private Investigator Singapore

A Sneak Peek Into Those Preventative Measures Taken By Private Investigators.

  • Surveillance Of A Specific Target Suspected Of Commit Embezzlement

The first course of action that a notable private investigator will take is to perform surveillance of the person of interest accused of making a fraudulent practice. The surveillance may include both visual and audio surveillance as per the  state laws or needs of the surveillance.

Using both these approaches, the P.I will monitor their activities leading up to the day of the funds misappropriation or embezzlement.

Checking payments and invoices to spot funds misappropriation

Whenever the need arises, a private investigator will infiltrate the internal system, check how the internal controls are and if there is a need to re-calibrate it to protect the business better.

Proper internal control often helps businesses avert losses occurred by fraud or errors or from liability. A private investigator recommends limiting the funds which an individual is sanctioned for payment. In addition to this, a P.I will also suggest routinely checking the invoices and payments to eye for any fraudulent acts like funds misappropriation or embezzlement.

Conducting Interviews To Detect Any Fraudulent Activity.

Top private investigators will conduct interviews and even write down specific questionnaires to enquire about claimants which might be used as evidence in a court of law.

Moreover, they will question or enquire about other employees, supervisors or associates to know the truths behind such ill-acts.

Performs Thorough Research To Detect Issues In Internal Controls.

Top-rated private investigations will perform thorough research to detect issues in internal control and determine the possibility of fraud.

The investigator will review all computer files, electronic files, audio files and other documents to help them know about any fraudulent activities or issues.

Carry Out Comprehensive Background Checks To Stop Businesses From Hiring or Keeping Unscrupulous People.

A professional private investigator will always aim to perform a thorough background check on that ‘person of interest’ to stop business owners from hiring or keeping an unscrupulous individual amidst their mix.

With the help of a comprehensive background check, a P.I will be able to identify if any particular employee or business partner has a criminal history or was sued previously by another organisation due to similar fraudulent activities.

Moreover, they will also inspect the claimant’s record to check if the person concerned is a serial claimant and has been convicted due to several such fraudulent claims previously.

Ready To Hire A Private Investigator To Resolve Your Funds Misappropriation Issues?

Trust no other than “Baker Street Private Investigator” to help you resolve embezzlement issues.

We provide you with evidential truth about a specific person, group of people, organization or subject as per your requirements. There are different sectors where we can mark our excellence as a trusted PI in Singapore.

If you need our help in unlocking certain mysteries; please let us help you in your critical situations.

We firmly believe “The Truth Will Set You Free…” which is why we owe it to you to help you discover that ugly, unbiased truth.

How Private Instigators Help Solve Stolen Car Theft?

During these testing and economically challenging times, there has been a noticeable spike in the % of car thefts.

While some steal cars from rental agencies with the help of counterfeit IDs, others steal cars to fulfill their other selfish (and even nefarious agendas).

Moreover, some car stealers, turn those stolen cars over to chop shops where their parts can be sold whereas some after their joy ride will abandon them after using them for a long period.

Private Investigation Singapore

(Fortunately… All Hopes Aren’t Lost!)

No matter the reason for the car theft, the onus more often than not falls upon a private investigation expert near you in Singapore to figure out what precisely happened and how to track down the stolen vehicle quickly.

While you do have the option of filing a report to the cops, truth be told, it will take time to track down your stolen vehicle. Enlisting help from a notable private investigator in such somewhat hopeless situations does seem to be the more rational course of action on your part.

How Top P.I Track Down Your Stolen Vehicles?

To help track down your stolen car, an experienced private investigation specialist will make use of tools like phone calls, questioning, casual interactions and interviews to determine what happened. They know how to put words to questions and enquiries to extract the most amount of information and cooperation properly. Using their smarts, know-how and experience, they will try and put together all pieces of the puzzle and extract hard information which deems admissible in a court of law.

“Moreover, they will also make use of license plate scanners and GPS tracking which features in most modern-day cars, car-mounted cameras, handheld devices and interrogations with concerned parties whose job needs them to be mobile.”

Using their vast resources, connections and networks, they can also pull some strings to gather information from organisations that store license plate information in their official database.

Plus, they will also keep a real-time watch-list of all probable vehicles either appearing suspicious or reported stolen by their fellow owners and use scanners to properly detect the license plates of all parked cars.

The truth being thieves often resort to changing license plates to make the cops chase after the wrong tails. It is often why recovering stolen vehicles can often take plenty of time. Private investigation specialists are familiar with such scams and know how to outsmart those thieves in their own game.

(Clumsy Planning From Thieves Also Makes The Searches Easier…!)

Sometimes, even clever thieves are not immune to making mistakes. Clumsy planning on their part is one such blunder that often makes the searches easier.

While thieves may use a false ID card, sometimes they make the mistake of using the real address of someone they are already familiar with.

This mistake on their part proves to be just the clue clever and experienced private investigators operating in and across Singapore look to take advantage of.

Following the laid down breadcrumbs, they will properly interview the concerned person whose address was used to track the thief in question.

The P.I will create a facial sketch of the concerned thief and even acquire clues about where to find them.

Once the facial sketch is done, private investigation specialists will conduct proper surveillance to procure video footage of the perpetrator using the robbed car. After enough video footage is obtained to stand up in court, they will wait for the thief to turn in for the night and immobilize the car with car boots before any further attempts to make contact is done.

(Private Investigators Form Beneficial Alliances With Informants To Extract Vital Information…)

To dig up the truth private investigators often form beneficial alliances with informants. They know how to befriend them and get them to supply the necessary tidbits of information.

Optimum cooperation from all reliable sources is the most essential aspect of procuring information and solving complex crimes and thefts. Reliable experts in private investigation know exactly how to formulate such beneficial alliances and use them to their advantage whenever necessary.

Other sources of gathering information include interacting with auto manufacturers, checking out salvage yards and using hidden cameras in public spaces. Based on what they witness, private investigation experts will keep a proper list of vehicles (having out of area registration tags), check each of the registration tags and even potentially track down the lender or lienholder for the car.

Of course, let’s not forget, a P.I will also verify the VIN number to check if that is the car reported stolen.

(How To Stop Car Theft – An Investigator’s Advice…!)

Safe to say, most vehicles sold nowadays comprise the latest tracking systems and key codes. Few even have microdots that tag individual car parts so that they can easily be identified if any vehicle goes to the chop shop.

That said, since the thieves have gotten smarter, they can easily bypass these so-called professional systems.

Some top car theft prevention units namely pedal locks and ignition interlocks immobilize the car so it can’t move without its proper key. If your vehicle doesn’t have such devices; you can look to purchase a self-setting immobilizer. Along with this, you should (& must) also look to lock your vehicle properly and park it in the safest possible spot.

Most Importantly… since car thefts have become very common in present times, keeping pictures and copies of car registration information will help you in cases of vehicle theft.

Associating with a top private investigator near you in Singapore work for your best interests and using whatever means necessary, they will recover your stolen car.

Private Investigator Singapore

At Baker Street Private Investigation we possess extraordinary private investigation skills to offer comprehensive surveillance services for all respective clients across Singapore…!

Our all-inclusive surveillance service will also feature local and national assignments. And no matter the situation; we will get to the bottom of things and procure the proof you need to hold your own or make your stand.

We perform – funds misappropriation,  surveillance on malpractices,  stolen/suspicious vehicle tracking through GPS,  sickness and absenteeism,  surveillance on signs of employee theft and many more surveillance services across Singapore.

Feel Free To Contact Us Today If You Need Help!

Troubles with Child Custody Case? Hire A Private Investigator

Needless to say family court cases are frustratingly stressful- particularly when determining what’s best for the child and who should have the legal parental custody.

Typically child custody cases are often known to get heated. They tend to involve lots of allegations (some valid and some circumstantial) from both ends.

If you’re unfortunately in the middle of all this (for the very first time), then the whole situation could prove overwhelming.

This is where the role of a private investigator in Singapore comes into the picture. With the help of a private investigator in your region; you can tilt the balance of scales in your favour and showcase information and evidences necessary to prove your child custody claims.

Let’s Dig Further Into Child Custody Investigation Cases

The whole point of a child custody case is to monitor the child’s health, well-being and behaviour. And they often include as a part of a divorce or custody case.

Obviously you want what’s best for your kid and ensure they receive the best care and living environment for their proper growth and upbringing.

Having an experienced private investigator to help you with your child custody case will include observing both the behaviour and interactions the kid has with their parents. And whatever legitimate findings come about, they’re shared with the concerned lawyer to present at the court of law during case hearings.

With the help of such comprehensively crafted reports; you can potentially influence the decision in the court of law and even possibly shift the balance of custody in your favour.

The Primary Reasons A Private Investigator Is Appointed In Regards To A Child Custody Includes (But Most Certainly Isn’t Limited ) To The Following –

  • Rights for visitation
  • For lifestyle & stability
  • Immoral activity
  • Domestic hostility
  • Sexual exploitation
  • For harmful behaviour and proven neglect
  • Banned associates

Common Types Of Child Custody Where P.I Plays A Crucial Role

A private investigator can help you with a variety of child custody cases. They mainly include as follows –

Physical Custody

This means your child will live with you in your house.

Legal Custody

This entails getting complete legal custody over the child’s decision-making to decide what’s right for them and what isn’t.

Sole Custody

This entails the child will stay solely with you under your supervision and you will also be given legal authority for the child’s upbringing.

What Does Your P.I Do For Your Child Custody?

  • They Will Make Use Of Various Surveillance Modes-

First and foremost thing your private investigator would do is utilise the power of surveillance. This can be done using a variety of surveillance mediums mainly to check how the child is being treated by both parents and other members of the family.

Based on the surveillance footage, the private investigator will legally record or document the evidence through a series of videos, photos and interviews from witnesses.

Moreover, they will also include surveillance of other aspects concerning that family namely – gambling, drug abuse, criminal activity and other such activities which inculcate negativity within the kid.

  • They Will Perform Social Media Investigations –

Your private investigator will conduct social media investigation to check for those actively involved in the kid’s life. Besides the child’s parents and family members, they will check if anyone else has been interacting with the child.

By performing such detailed social media investigations; your appointed private investigator will collect legitimate evidences concerning the type of folks (and the beliefs) the child is around or is made accustomed to.

  • They Will Look To Procure Testimonials & Properly Interview Witnesses –

The most beneficial aspect of hiring a private investigator for your child custody case is their unbiased opinion and outlook to the whole situation.

Standing on neutral grounds (and believing nothing other than hardcore facts and details) these private investigators will interact with all associated witnesses on your behalf. In doing so they will determine if the child in question is either being treated properly or with hostility- be it from their parents or other family members.

Often witness statements hold great value in the court of law. Often they can also have a considerable impact on the inevitable outcome of the ongoing investigation. Moreover such witness statements also prove useful for your defense, if an attack is launched on your reputation and credibility.

For Instance –

“If your ex-wife alleges you to be an addict and with a long history of domestic abuse, then your hired private investigator will gather testimonials of your friends, other family members (and others in association with you) to see if the claimed accusations are true or whether it is just a meaningless attack on your otherwise unquestionable character.”

Private Investigator Singapore
  • They Will Conduct Proper Background Checks On All Involved Parties –

During a child custody investigation, an experienced private investigator will perform background checks on both parties (the parents) along with all other involved parties namely cousins, friends, grandparents, employers, servants and so on!

Through these comprehensive background checks, a private investigator will ensure that the people involved in the child’s life are suitable and capable of providing a safe and non-hostile living environment.

  • And, Of Course, They Will Also Testify For You In The Court Of Law –

Lastly, your appointed private investigator will prove to your ace-in-the-hole when you need someone reliable to testify for you in the court of law. They will happily be willing to present their unbiased outlook of the case keeping the child’s best-interests.

Upon requested, they will present legitimate evidence, details and information along with proof of the involved party’s intentions and what really happens in their day-to-day lives.

So, in simple terms; your P.I is certainly are your best word of mouth to potentially tilt and the custodian battle in your favour.

Ready To Hire A Private Investigator Near You in Singapore?

Baker St Private Investigator is your reliable private investigation company in Singapore offering different types of investigative services all over Singapore.

If you have questions- Speak to us!

How a private investigation helps in finding your stolen car?

These days, the cases of car theft are increasing frighteningly. Well, to us, our car is one of our precious assets. Thus, if your car gets stolen, it will bring stress and anxiety to your life. In that case, one of the best things that you can do is to conduct a private investigation in Singapore. It will help you find your stolen or lost car. 

However, you have to make sure that you choose the right company. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you will not get satisfied with the service quality. Thus, to help you out, we will discuss the imperative factors that come with this specific investigation form. It will help you make the right decision. 

How to determine whether the investigation company is compatible with this task?

We already mentioned that choosing a random company will not serve your purpose. Therefore, you have to make sure that the organization is competent enough to provide you with the best results. 

Well, to fathom that, you have to keep specific points in your mind. Once you consider those factors, you will not witness any complications while choosing the right service provider. So, here are the factors that you need to know.


Using the right tool is crucial:

The first thing that you have to check is whether they are using the right tools or not. You have to understand that without using the right tools, they cannot yield the best results. For instance, the experts should use tools such as GPS trackers, and license plate trackers. With the help of these tools, they will gather the relevant information and help you find out your stolen car.

Strong communication should be there:

The next thing that you have to check is the communication skill of the investigating company or the concerned PI. They must be able to conduct interviews and casual interviews. The experts must use these skills as their tools of investigation. Well, if you want to fathom the efficiency of a PI, you must take a look at how he/she is wording the questions. In this way, they will get co-operation from people, which will perk up their investigation.

Precise planning is imperative:

Whenever you are choosing a private investigating company, it is one of the substantial factors that you have to keep in mind. While discussing your problem with the PI, you must observe their planning or strategy. If you see that their plan is efficient enough, you are good to go. Make sure not to ignore this factor. You have to understand that planning has a pivotal role to play to yield the best results. If you see that their planning is not up to the mark, you can look for a better alternative. 

Their informants must be efficient:

A competent PI must have a good relationship with the informants. For that, they must know the art of establishing good relations with people. It will not only reflect the efficiency of the organization, but it will showcase their professionalism as well. Without proper co-operation from people, it will be hard to solve crimes. So, a good and competent PI will know how to establish those relationships. 

They must know how to use community alerts:

Community  alert is one of the convenient ways to get back your stolen car. These days, a lot of people are using social media networks. So, you can understand that it will do wonders. The professionals must know how to use the relevant features of various social media platforms. For instance, they must post pictures of your car along with the details. It will help them acquire the required data to solve your case. 

Reasons to Hire a PI:

Now, it is time to determine the reasons for hiring an investigation company. Knowing the reasons will inspire you to take the right step. To be precise, it will help you get rid of all your confusion or hesitations before taking your call. So, here are the reasons to hire this service provider:

They are capable of handling complex issues:

One of the significant reasons to hire this service is that the professionals are capable of handling complex issues. They are providing this service for a long time and they know the right process to accomplish this task. Sometimes, the cases are pretty complicated. During those times, hiring a PI will fill the bill.

They will conduct a thorough investigation:

The next reason to hire this service is that they will conduct a thorough investigation. You have to understand that without a thorough investigation, it is impossible to accomplish the task efficiently. So, hire a competent investigation company and enjoy the best results.

The professionals are capable of maintaining anonymity:

Anonymity is one of the pillars of investigation. Sometimes, numerous situations arise where the PI has to keep them hidden. Otherwise, it will hamper their investigation process. So, if you are thinking of accomplishing it yourself, stay away from that idea. Let the professionals do their work and witness the unravelling of your case.

Some mistakes to avoid while hiring a PI to investigate your stolen car:

  1. Forgetting to ask about the past cases of the concerned PI.
  2. Choosing an investigation company based on the price alone.
  3. Not meeting them in person.
  4. Not checking the background of the investigator.
  5. No asking whether a professional PI will handle your case or not.
  6. Not asking them about their license and certifications.

So, if your car gets stolen, hiring professional investigators will fill the bill. In case you are looking for the best Private investigator in Singapore that can help you find your stolen vehicle we would suggest you head towards Baker St Private investigator. We promise you that you will not get disappointed after hiring them. 

Insurance hoax- How a private investigation company will help?

These days, insurance hoax is one of the vital issues that people are witnessing. The staging of these fraudulent incidents is creating issues. For instance, it demands a lot of money and time from the people involved with it. So, if you are witnessing the same situation, one of the convenient ways to deal with it is to get in touch with a private investigation company in SingaporeThey will help you get rid of this situation and pull you out of the fraud mud. 

So, to help you out, we are about to discuss everything that comes with it. Besides, we will also help you fathom how a PI company will help you in this situation. So, have some patience and carry on with your reading. We assure you that going through the below-mentioned points will help you make the right decision.

Signs of insurance fraud:

Before choosing your PI, one of the imperative things that you have to do is to determine the signs of insurance fraud. It will help you understand that whether you are a victim or not. If you witness all these signs around you, you must get in touch with a PI as soon as possible. So, the signs that we are talking about are:

The policyholder disappears or dies under distrustful circumstances:

Sometimes, the policyholder fakes their death to claim the money. Similarly, they disappear suspiciously to craft a fraudulent situation. In that case, the most imperative thing that you have to do is to check the possible motives of committing the fraud. If you see that the circumstances are doubtful, raise the red flag. 

Damage and insurance claims are not compatible with the circumstance:

If you see that the insurance and damage claims are not matching with the circumstance, consider it to be a false claim. Well, it is one of the imperative ways of insurance hoax. Here, the individual will stage their injury, and after that, they will claim the insurance. If that happens, raise the flag and deal with it. In that case, hiring a PI can save your back.

Claim history is not up to the mark:

Another thing that you have to check is the claim history. If you see that the policyholder has filed numerous insurance claims over the past few months or years, you must scrutinize him/her. To be precise, you have to analyse the claim meticulously. Otherwise, they will keep on making false claims, and your company will lose some money. For instance, if the person claims insurance for a missing car, you have to check whether the car is missing or not. For that, you will need a PI.

So, these are the signs of insurance fraud. If you witness any of these signs, hiring an investigating company should be your ideal call. They will help you to get rid of all these frauds.

Private investigator Singapore

How a private investigation company will help you to deal with an insurance hoax?

You will get your answers quickly and efficiently:

If you are going through any of these situations, you must stop waiting and get in touch with a PI. They will provide you with concrete evidence of the fraud. Once you get the evidence, the fraudster will have no choice other than to admit the crime. The investigators will use the best methods and processes to pull you out of these situations.

Private Investigation Company will provide you with the proof for court:

Private investigators are aware of these insurance frauds, and they know what evidence you need to prove that. Thus, you can understand that it will strengthen your case’s overall validity. Plus, you can press the charge against the criminal if needed. You must know that the investigators are doing it for a long time and that makes them reliable. 

The investigators are trained professionals:

Another reason for hiring this service is that you will deal with trained professionals. The professionals conducted intense training, and for that reason, they know what they have to do to yield the best results. They are aware of the latest technologies and processes. With the help of that, they will find out the substantial shreds of evidence, which will e helpful for your case. 

There will be no habitual fraud behaviour:

You should stop the fraudulent behaviours in your office. If you can dig out a bit, you will find out that the individuals that report false claims have a history of that behaviour. So, hiring a PI for that will help you to detect and stop that behaviour. It will help you fathom the fraudsters and make decisions based on the situation. 

Things to consider before hiring a private investigator:

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a PI company, it is time you must know how to hire them. Choosing a random company is not going to help. You have to make sure that you pick up the best service provider amongst all and for that, you have to consider some factors. Here, we are trying to discuss those factors with you. It will help you make the right decision.

  • The first thing that you have to check is the reputation of the company. If the reputation of the company is up to the mark, you are good to go.
  • Make sure that they provide specialized services. For instance, if they don’t provide you with an insurance fraud investigation, you can look for other alternatives.
  • The company must provide you with a detailed report. Otherwise, without the evidence, you cannot blame someone for their fraudulent works. 

So, these are all the vital things that you must know before hiring a PI for an insurance hoax. If you are looking for someone that can provide you with the best service, you can opt for Baker St Private Investigator. They will deliver you with the best private investigator in Singapore. 

How a private investigator helps in detecting employee theft?

Employee theft is one of the heinous crimes that are spreading its branches all across the world. With time, it is increasing considerably. Well, most of us live under a misconception that employee theft cannot happen to small businesses. However, if you can dig out a bit, you will find out that the business scale is not a factor. All types of workplaces are vulnerable to this crime. 

Private investigator Singapore
A private investigator helps in detecting employee theft

Therefore, if you are thinking of hiring a private investigator in Singapore to detect the issues regarding employee theft, you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss everything that comes with the investigation of employee theft. It will help you make the right decision and you can enjoy the best results. Once you go through the points that we are about to mention, all your confusion will dissolve. 

Signs to detect employee theft:

Some equipment is missing:

If you are running a business, you don’t have enough time to notice everything, and we know that. However, if some of your employees are noticing that several types of equipment are missing from the office, raise the flag. The best thing for you is to take a mental note. For instance, if one of your spare laptops is missing or your product counts seem off, it is time to take the action.

Accounting errors are happening:

Mistakes are one of the unavoidable things that you have to come across if you are running a business. It is a normal thing. However, if these mistakes are happening frequently and popping all over the place, you need to take control of your hands. You have to find out what is going on. For instance, if your employees are frequently complaining about overtime hours, lost receipts, and too many expense reports, something fishy is going on. To find out what’s going on the best thing for you is to hire a PI. They will help you out.

Staff are working an early morning or late night:

It is one of the alarming signs that you have to keep in mind. We know that pressing deadlines compel the workers to work late. However, if it is unjustified or unnecessary, consider it to be a red flag. There is a possibility that some of the employees are cooking something against you. Therefore, if you see that some of your staff are working late at night or coming in the early morning, take a note of that. Check whether anything is missing or not. 

Stock discrepancies are happening:

Now, it is an important point that you have to keep in mind if you are running a retail store or a warehouse. If you see that your count is not compatible with your product sold, there is a possibility that employee theft is happening. So, monitor the people and check who is responsible for the discrepancy. 

Damages are increasing:

Do you follow any procedures to track your damaged items? If not, there is a possibility that some of your employees will mark the items as damaged and will pocket them. Thus, if you see that the report of damaged items is more than usual, it will be a wise decision to monitor your business activities.

So, if you witness any of these signs, we would recommend you to head towards an investigation company that provides employee theft surveillance service. They will take care of the situation and help you in this matter.

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Reasons for hiring Private Investigator for employee theft:

The professionals use precise techniques:

One of the reasons to hire this service is that the professionals will use precise techniques. The service providers are experienced in this field, and for that reason, they know what they have to do to yield the best results. Therefore, hiring them can never go wrong.

They will do background checks:

Another reason for which you must hire a PI is that they will conduct a precise background check. If you think that some of your employees are acting fishy, you can hire professionals to conduct a background check. If you see that the employee possess a dark history, you must carry on with your investigation. 

They can solve the case effortlessly:

We already mentioned that the experts have dealt with these cases for a long time. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how complicated the case is they will pull them off easily. Therefore, if you are thinking of conducting investment in yourself, stay away from that. Let the professionals do their work, and you will get the best results.

Things to consider before hiring a PI for employee theft:

  • Reputation is the first thing that you have to keep in mind. You have to make sure to hire a reputed company that is provided with this service for quite a long time. One of the best ways to check the company’s reputation is getting in touch with their previous clients. If you see that their feedback is satisfactory enough, you are good to go.
  • The next thing that you have to check is whether they provide this specific service or not. If the experts provide the employee theft surveillance service, you can opt for the service provider without any hesitation. Otherwise, you have to take a look at the better alternative.
  • Finally, you need to know about the amount of money they charge. We can understand that you have a confined budget and you are choosing your service, based on that. Thus, we suggest you check the price list before making your decision.

So, these are all the things that you must know before conducting a private investigation in SingaporeIn case, you are looking for someone that can provide you with this service, we would suggest you head towards Baker St Private Investigator. They will serve your purpose precisely.

BF Cheating On You? Hire A Private Investigator To Know!

Right now, all of us are living quite a stressful and hectic life. For that reason, we don’t get enough time to spend with our partners, which leads us to conjugal incompatibility, anxiety, depression and numerous other mental issues. 

Moreover, it is responsible for inducing infidelity, which is the most harmful thing for a relationship. It not only destroys the relationship between couples, but it also affects reliability amongst them. You have to understand that without trust, there is no need to carry the burden of a relationship. 

Therefore, if you think that your boyfriend is cheating on you, it is time to hire a private investigator in Singapore. The PI will fathom everything that is going around your boyfriend and find out whether he is cheating on you or not. If you see that he is cheating on you, it is time to move on.

“It is better to stay alone like a human, instead of staying together like animals.”

When to hire a PI?

If you are suspecting that your boyfriend is involved in an extramarital affair, you must look for some signs. Here, we are going to share those signs with you, which will ensure the infidelity of your partner. Once you see that your boyfriend is reflecting those signs, it will be an ideal call for you to hire a PI. So, the signs that you must check are:

Smiling looking at his phone often:

It is one of the prevalent signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you. We are not saying to suspect your partner if he is smiling sometimes looking at his phone. However, if he does this frequently, there is a possibility that he is becoming infidel. In that case, getting in touch with a PI will be a wise decision.

Frequently accusing you of cheating:

If you see that your boyfriend is accusing you of cheating frequently, it signifies that he is suffering from insecurity. Well, if you can dig out a bit about human psychology, you will find out that people that are cheating on you will accuse you of cheating so that you don’t get a chance to blame them. Thus, to mitigate the situation you must join hands with a PI. 

Suddenly gives a password in his phone:

We know that privacy is an important thing and your phone can have some sensitive pieces of data in it. However, if your boyfriend has a password in your phone suddenly, it shows that he wants to hide something from you. So, what he wants to hide? Well, to know the answers, you have to hire an investigator.

No more invited to his office:

Can you remember the days when he used to invite you to his office Christmas parties so that you can have a drink with his colleagues? But suddenly he stops inviting you. It indicates that something fishy is getting cooked in his office. To be specific, there is a possibility that he is seeing someone else at his workplace. Hence, to fathom the truth, you must hire an efficient investigator.

Things to take into account before hiring a PI for the surveillance of your boyfriend

Before hiring a PI, there are some factors that you have to keep in mind. Once you consider those factors, it will be easier for you to choose the right investigator on the boards. Well, here are the points that you must know:

Types of services that they are providing:

It is the first thing that you have to fathom. You have to check the services that they are providing. If you see that they deliver the surveillance service, you are good to go. Otherwise, you must go for a better alternative.

Know about their past work:

Another significant thing that you have to check is their past work. To be accurate, you have to look at whether they can monitor your boyfriend and find out the things going surrounding him. If you see that the PI has handled similar cases before, consider hiring them without any issues. You can also get in touch with their previous clients. They will deliver you the best feedback.

Ask them about the cost:

Cost is the most important thing to ask as we know that you have a confined budget. However, we would suggest you not go for the cheap services. Or else, you may have to compromise with the surveillance quality. So, conduct in-depth research and compare the prices of various investigators. Finally, choose the one that is best compatible with your requirements.

Take a look at their experience:

Experience is an imperative thing. It not only reflects the efficiency of the PI but also showcases its reliability. If you see that the investigator is doing this for a long time, and comprises some happy customers in the bucket, go for it. Experienced professionals are always the best alternative.

Private eye services Singapore
Private eye services Singapore

Reasons to hire a PI for your boyfriend

If you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating on you, be prepared. Things are going to get complicated. So, if you think that you can take care of the situation, you are living under a misapprehension. The best option for you is to hire a PI that is capable of handling the complex situation.

  • Another reason to hire them is that they will gather the evidence easily. Without gathering evidence, it will be hard for you to prove the infidelity of your boyfriend. In that case, hiring a PI will provide you with the best results.

  • Anonymity is an essential thing when it comes to tracking your boyfriend. Well, you cannot do that on yourself. Therefore, choosing a PI will you in this aspect. They will maintain anonymity and will bring you the pieces of information that you need.

So, if you think that your boyfriend is deceiving you, go through the points that we mentioned above. In case, you are looking for a PI company that can serve your purpose, Baker St Private Investigator should be your destination. They are amongst the best private eye services in Singapore


14 Clear Signs Of A Cheating /Unfaithful Wife YOU SHOULD’NT IGNORE

Need to discreetly keep an eye on your presumably unfaithful wife…? We @ Baker St Private Investigator surveyed our expansive network of reliable and competent private investigators to know what SIGNS or experiences has unveiled concerning an UNFAITHFUL/CHEATING wife…!

Till death do us part…

In sickness & in health…”

This is the promise made when taking the sacred vows to one another. But often these promises lose its prominence with the passage of time…!

Your supposedly holy matrimony turns monotonous. And instead of ‘Death’; it is your wife’s infidelity or betrayal – that makes you part with one another.

And the moment you learn about your wife’s vile treachery, your normal web searches changes suddenly from – ‘the best gifts to buy your wife’; to ‘ finding a reliable private investigator in Singapore’ to know of her despicable betrayal.

We, as your ever-reliable private investigator near you in Singapore; understand that its tough whenever you learn this harsh, heart- breaking truth.

The person you love the most and choose to spend the rest of your life takes your trust and tears it into a million pieces – it is enough to send even the most strong-willed individuals into a downward spiral.

However, when this unforeseen treachery eventually happens – it’s important for you to know that – IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

With that; we also believe –

You need to be aware of this depraved betrayal…

You need to protect yourself in this difficult and tormenting times…

(And Importantly); You must look to gain the upper hand in your wife’s repeated deception- before it eats you up and turns you into a real-life shell…

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Check out these 14 signs

Looking At Some Key Numbers…

  • 40-60% of married women (in general) cheat on their husbands

  • Confirmed infidelity cases 75% of the times

  • Wives suspecting their husbands cheating on them are right 45-55% of the times

  • Husbands suspecting their wives cheating on them are correct 75-85% of the times

If you suspect your wife is cheating on you then contact Baker St Private Investigator.

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