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Why You Should Hire a Singapore Private Investigator to Help With Divorce Cases

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Breakups are highly explosive and emotional affairs, particularly if there are unresolved questions or suspicions. In such situations, it may be necessary to engage the services of a private investigator in Singapore who will investigate and help you get to the truth. 

Such investigations can bring useful insights and evidence to light that will make all the difference in your divorce case. This is essential in Singapore, where legal processes are often meticulous and evidence-based. But if you’re not convinced, here are some more reasons why you should hire a private investigation service for your divorce case.

Reasons Why You Need a Private Investigation Service for Your Divorce Case

Matrimonial issues are very common, especially these days when the dating and marriage scene is chaotic. So when two parties are no longer happy living together as husband and wife, they file a divorce. However, with both parties trying to get the best deal for themselves, evidence is needed to succeed in the divorce proceedings. So here’s why you should consider employing one of these experts in your divorce case from Singapore.

1. Evidence for Gathering

One primary function of a private investigator in a separation case is to gather evidence. Such evidence may range from infidelity proofs to hidden assets or any other relevant information that could affect the proceeding outcomes. When filing for divorce on the grounds of fault remains a common practise in Singapore, hard evidence proves decisive as it can influence aspects like alimony amounts, child custody schedules, and property sharing.

2. Ensuring Admissible Evidence

Not all types of evidence can hold water within a courtroom of law. Private investigators in Singapore are experienced at collecting evidence based on rules set within legal bounds while investigating cases. These investigators adhere to established rules and regulations to ensure compliance throughout their investigations. Private investigators have expertise in conducting ethical investigations, thereby making it possible for this information to be used as exhibits during the trial without being barred by technicalities, thus having a strong basis for supporting your claims.

3. Uncovering Hidden Assets

Financial issues have risen in the past decade as one of the driving forces behind divorces. Some partners, however, go the extra mile by hiding some properties to ensure their ex doesn’t get a fair distribution of assets during divorce settlements. A professional private detective examines financial records, property titles, and business stakes, among others, as methods of uncovering concealed wealth sources any person may have had access to throughout their lives. An investigation like this will ensure that all hidden assets are revealed; hence, once both parties are divorced, there is a legally equitably agreed-upon order so everyone receives an equitable share of marital properties under dispute.

4. Surveillances and Monitors

Surveillance and monitoring can be invaluable in cases where infidelity is suspected or if there are concerns about one’s spouse’s behaviour. The best private investigators and well-rounded detectives can discreetly track and monitor the movements of a spouse who may be under scrutiny. If necessary, they can provide photo proof or video evidence to support the allegations being levied upon the spouse in question. These could go a long way in establishing adultery, catching cheating spouses, or exposing any other type of misconduct that might have an impact on matters like spousal support, child custody decision-making authority, as well as visitation rights.

5. Silence Will Be Golden

Divorce is not something that should be taken lightly since confidentiality cannot be overemphasised. PIs are fully aware of this and understand the need for discretion and caution; hence, they remain as quiet as possible when engaging in such investigations. The data collected by private investigation agencies is safeguarded and will remain confidential until authorised people like your attorney are permitted to access/view it.

6. Conducting Background Checks

It’s crucial to ascertain the background of other parties before legally entering into any agreement with them. As you consider divorce, private eyes can perform comprehensive checks on the backgrounds of individuals involved in the process, including your husband or wife, potential witnesses, or anyone else who would be relevant during divorce proceedings. Only those persons related to this particular case can help reveal previous convictions, among other detrimental factors influencing its verdict.

7. Providing Expert Testimony

Private detectives are sometimes required to provide expert testimony in court. At the hearings or trials, these professionals who are proficient in collecting and examining evidence prove helpful when they testify, which may simplify complicated issues and support your claim. Their word is highly valued in a court of law, especially if it is supported by evidence collected during the investigation.

8. Giving Objective Perspective

Divorce proceedings can be emotionally charged, which might impair couples’ ability to think clearly. Private investigators possess the impartiality required to make conclusions regarding their work, which consists solely of gathering information and learning the truth about what transpired. With the information they’ve compiled and collected, you will get the privilege of being able to see things objectively and make better-informed decisions regarding your case.

9. Assisting with Child Custody Investigations

Custody disagreements over children are among the greatest disputes between divorced couples. Therefore, private investigators can undertake thorough investigations into each person’s implicated living conditions, behaviour patterns, parenting skills, etc. This data could be instrumental in determining what is best for the child and ensuring that custody arrangements are fair.

10. Facilitating Negotiations & Settlements

In many instances where two people divorce, settling their dispute out of court is better than going through the lengthy and expensive litigation process. In such cases, private investigators play a critical role by providing independent evidence resulting from their investigations, thus assisting both parties in reaching an agreement amicably without any difficulty and before things escalate. Using these findings, both parties will know their strong and weak points, ensuring that everyone leaves the table with a good deal. A win-win for all.

Choosing Singapore’s Private Investigator for Divorce Cases

Navigating a divorce process often requires services tailored to support strategic decision-making. Hiring Singapore’s top private investigator services helps you navigate the divorce process effectively. From obtaining evidence and background checks to giving testimonies from field experts, these experts can help you win your case comfortably in court. Furthermore, hiring a reliable private investigator will ensure your rights are protected throughout the divorce process and your interests are well represented.

Baker Street Private Investigator’s Divorce Investigation

At Baker Street Private Investigator, we take pride in our ability to handle even the most difficult cases professionally. During our years of experience, we’re proud to say that we have embarked on many investigations and boast seasoned detectives who can help resolve your issues.

Our team of seasoned investigators are trained and experienced in dealing with complicated situations and knows how to manage any case you bring to us effectively.

Baker St. Private Investigator offers investigative services with confidentiality guaranteed. Our detectives ensure that nothing remains unexamined during the process; this includes surveillance operations, financial records, and interviewing witnesses. Additionally,  our advanced investigations ensure that every piece of information is lawfully obtained with the help of the Singapore police force.As the best private investigator in Singapore, we are committed to providing unwavering support and unmatched investigative services to our clients. Our commitment to excellence and proficiency in divorce investigations guarantees that we always meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. If you find yourself in a situation where you require help during a divorce case or any other kind of investigation, call Baker St. Private Investigator. Our job is to reveal the truth and stand by your side.

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