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Troubles with Child Custody Case? Hire A Private Investigator

Private Investigation Singapore

Needless to say family court cases are frustratingly stressful- particularly when determining what’s best for the child and who should have the legal parental custody.

Typically child custody cases are often known to get heated. They tend to involve lots of allegations (some valid and some circumstantial) from both ends.

If you’re unfortunately in the middle of all this (for the very first time), then the whole situation could prove overwhelming.

This is where the role of a private investigator in Singapore comes into the picture. With the help of a private investigator in your region; you can tilt the balance of scales in your favour and showcase information and evidences necessary to prove your child custody claims.

Let’s Dig Further Into Child Custody Investigation Cases

The whole point of a child custody case is to monitor the child’s health, well-being and behaviour. And they often include as a part of a divorce or custody case.

Obviously you want what’s best for your kid and ensure they receive the best care and living environment for their proper growth and upbringing.

Having an experienced private investigator to help you with your child custody case will include observing both the behaviour and interactions the kid has with their parents. And whatever legitimate findings come about, they’re shared with the concerned lawyer to present at the court of law during case hearings.

With the help of such comprehensively crafted reports; you can potentially influence the decision in the court of law and even possibly shift the balance of custody in your favour.

The Primary Reasons A Private Investigator Is Appointed In Regards To A Child Custody Includes (But Most Certainly Isn’t Limited ) To The Following –

  • Rights for visitation
  • For lifestyle & stability
  • Immoral activity
  • Domestic hostility
  • Sexual exploitation
  • For harmful behaviour and proven neglect
  • Banned associates

Common Types Of Child Custody Where P.I Plays A Crucial Role

A private investigator can help you with a variety of child custody cases. They mainly include as follows –

Physical Custody

This means your child will live with you in your house.

Legal Custody

This entails getting complete legal custody over the child’s decision-making to decide what’s right for them and what isn’t.

Sole Custody

This entails the child will stay solely with you under your supervision and you will also be given legal authority for the child’s upbringing.

What Does Your P.I Do For Your Child Custody?

  • They Will Make Use Of Various Surveillance Modes-

First and foremost thing your private investigator would do is utilise the power of surveillance. This can be done using a variety of surveillance mediums mainly to check how the child is being treated by both parents and other members of the family.

Based on the surveillance footage, the private investigator will legally record or document the evidence through a series of videos, photos and interviews from witnesses.

Moreover, they will also include surveillance of other aspects concerning that family namely – gambling, drug abuse, criminal activity and other such activities which inculcate negativity within the kid.

  • They Will Perform Social Media Investigations –

Your private investigator will conduct social media investigation to check for those actively involved in the kid’s life. Besides the child’s parents and family members, they will check if anyone else has been interacting with the child.

By performing such detailed social media investigations; your appointed private investigator will collect legitimate evidences concerning the type of folks (and the beliefs) the child is around or is made accustomed to.

  • They Will Look To Procure Testimonials & Properly Interview Witnesses –

The most beneficial aspect of hiring a private investigator for your child custody case is their unbiased opinion and outlook to the whole situation.

Standing on neutral grounds (and believing nothing other than hardcore facts and details) these private investigators will interact with all associated witnesses on your behalf. In doing so they will determine if the child in question is either being treated properly or with hostility- be it from their parents or other family members.

Often witness statements hold great value in the court of law. Often they can also have a considerable impact on the inevitable outcome of the ongoing investigation. Moreover such witness statements also prove useful for your defense, if an attack is launched on your reputation and credibility.

For Instance –

“If your ex-wife alleges you to be an addict and with a long history of domestic abuse, then your hired private investigator will gather testimonials of your friends, other family members (and others in association with you) to see if the claimed accusations are true or whether it is just a meaningless attack on your otherwise unquestionable character.”

Private Investigator Singapore
  • They Will Conduct Proper Background Checks On All Involved Parties –

During a child custody investigation, an experienced private investigator will perform background checks on both parties (the parents) along with all other involved parties namely cousins, friends, grandparents, employers, servants and so on!

Through these comprehensive background checks, a private investigator will ensure that the people involved in the child’s life are suitable and capable of providing a safe and non-hostile living environment.

  • And, Of Course, They Will Also Testify For You In The Court Of Law –

Lastly, your appointed private investigator will prove to your ace-in-the-hole when you need someone reliable to testify for you in the court of law. They will happily be willing to present their unbiased outlook of the case keeping the child’s best-interests.

Upon requested, they will present legitimate evidence, details and information along with proof of the involved party’s intentions and what really happens in their day-to-day lives.

So, in simple terms; your P.I is certainly are your best word of mouth to potentially tilt and the custodian battle in your favour.

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