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How Private Instigators Help Solve Stolen Car Theft?

During these testing and economically challenging times, there has been a noticeable spike in the % of car thefts.

While some steal cars from rental agencies with the help of counterfeit IDs, others steal cars to fulfill their other selfish (and even nefarious agendas).

Moreover, some car stealers, turn those stolen cars over to chop shops where their parts can be sold whereas some after their joy ride will abandon them after using them for a long period.

Private Investigation Singapore

(Fortunately… All Hopes Aren’t Lost!)

No matter the reason for the car theft, the onus more often than not falls upon a private investigation expert near you in Singapore to figure out what precisely happened and how to track down the stolen vehicle quickly.

While you do have the option of filing a report to the cops, truth be told, it will take time to track down your stolen vehicle. Enlisting help from a notable private investigator in such somewhat hopeless situations does seem to be the more rational course of action on your part.

How Top P.I Track Down Your Stolen Vehicles?

To help track down your stolen car, an experienced private investigation specialist will make use of tools like phone calls, questioning, casual interactions and interviews to determine what happened. They know how to put words to questions and enquiries to extract the most amount of information and cooperation properly. Using their smarts, know-how and experience, they will try and put together all pieces of the puzzle and extract hard information which deems admissible in a court of law.

“Moreover, they will also make use of license plate scanners and GPS tracking which features in most modern-day cars, car-mounted cameras, handheld devices and interrogations with concerned parties whose job needs them to be mobile.”

Using their vast resources, connections and networks, they can also pull some strings to gather information from organisations that store license plate information in their official database.

Plus, they will also keep a real-time watch-list of all probable vehicles either appearing suspicious or reported stolen by their fellow owners and use scanners to properly detect the license plates of all parked cars.

The truth being thieves often resort to changing license plates to make the cops chase after the wrong tails. It is often why recovering stolen vehicles can often take plenty of time. Private investigation specialists are familiar with such scams and know how to outsmart those thieves in their own game.

(Clumsy Planning From Thieves Also Makes The Searches Easier…!)

Sometimes, even clever thieves are not immune to making mistakes. Clumsy planning on their part is one such blunder that often makes the searches easier.

While thieves may use a false ID card, sometimes they make the mistake of using the real address of someone they are already familiar with.

This mistake on their part proves to be just the clue clever and experienced private investigators operating in and across Singapore look to take advantage of.

Following the laid down breadcrumbs, they will properly interview the concerned person whose address was used to track the thief in question.

The P.I will create a facial sketch of the concerned thief and even acquire clues about where to find them.

Once the facial sketch is done, private investigation specialists will conduct proper surveillance to procure video footage of the perpetrator using the robbed car. After enough video footage is obtained to stand up in court, they will wait for the thief to turn in for the night and immobilize the car with car boots before any further attempts to make contact is done.

(Private Investigators Form Beneficial Alliances With Informants To Extract Vital Information…)

To dig up the truth private investigators often form beneficial alliances with informants. They know how to befriend them and get them to supply the necessary tidbits of information.

Optimum cooperation from all reliable sources is the most essential aspect of procuring information and solving complex crimes and thefts. Reliable experts in private investigation know exactly how to formulate such beneficial alliances and use them to their advantage whenever necessary.

Other sources of gathering information include interacting with auto manufacturers, checking out salvage yards and using hidden cameras in public spaces. Based on what they witness, private investigation experts will keep a proper list of vehicles (having out of area registration tags), check each of the registration tags and even potentially track down the lender or lienholder for the car.

Of course, let’s not forget, a P.I will also verify the VIN number to check if that is the car reported stolen.

(How To Stop Car Theft – An Investigator’s Advice…!)

Safe to say, most vehicles sold nowadays comprise the latest tracking systems and key codes. Few even have microdots that tag individual car parts so that they can easily be identified if any vehicle goes to the chop shop.

That said, since the thieves have gotten smarter, they can easily bypass these so-called professional systems.

Some top car theft prevention units namely pedal locks and ignition interlocks immobilize the car so it can’t move without its proper key. If your vehicle doesn’t have such devices; you can look to purchase a self-setting immobilizer. Along with this, you should (& must) also look to lock your vehicle properly and park it in the safest possible spot.

Most Importantly… since car thefts have become very common in present times, keeping pictures and copies of car registration information will help you in cases of vehicle theft.

Associating with a top private investigator near you in Singapore work for your best interests and using whatever means necessary, they will recover your stolen car.

Private Investigator Singapore

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Our all-inclusive surveillance service will also feature local and national assignments. And no matter the situation; we will get to the bottom of things and procure the proof you need to hold your own or make your stand.

We perform – funds misappropriation,  surveillance on malpractices,  stolen/suspicious vehicle tracking through GPS,  sickness and absenteeism,  surveillance on signs of employee theft and many more surveillance services across Singapore.

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