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Funds Misappropriation/Embezzlement Investigations: How Private Investigators Can Help?

Needless to say, financial frauds and funds misappropriation are alarmingly frequent crimes that can cost a business millions. They can also be quite daunting to prove and due to this several business organisations find themselves at the losing end of fraudulent activity with little recourse.

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Whenever your business has lost assets, found inaccurate bookkeeping or has become entangled in illegal activity due to fraudulent practices, then hiring a professional private investigator near you in Singapore to handle these instances of embezzlement or funds misappropriation is the right course of action.

In this post, we will learn more about how a private investigator can help manage your business funds and avoid chances of misappropriation.

“Private Investigators Specialise In All Manner Of Criminal Cases Like Embezzlement And Funds Misappropriation Investigation.”

Top rated private embezzlement investigators will always get to the bottom of what is happening with your funds misappropriation and resultantly help you achieve restitution for your loss of business funds.

To uncover the truth, they will meet with claim examiners, employers and professional attorneys to discuss or share words of wisdom on the legalities of embezzlements, fraud or funds misappropriation.

Using their abundance of professional investigation experience, they will conduct a comprehensive investigation of several financial records (featuring – payroll, bank accounts, payroll accounts as well as online purchasing) to properly determine if any particular member of the organisation has been involved in embezzlement practices.

After properly examining all bank accounts and all aforementioned financial records, these experts will be able to detect any misappropriation of funds and even help with other relevant aspects of your cases such as embezzlement litigation support along with trial preparation.

“Funds Misappropriation/Embezzlement Is a Serious Statutory Offense In Many Countries!”

In several countries, embezzlement or funds misappropriation is a statutory offence under State or Federal Law. So, it is pretty clear, that such actions are strictly prohibited inside any business organisation.

To tackle such tricky situations, our investigators using their due diligence will get to the bottom of this embezzlement investigation efficiently and quickly. They will prepare a summary analysis to assure that the case warrants criminal prosecution. The case along with its analysis will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

As funds misappropriation or embezzlement mainly comprises records falsification to conceal the activity. Some wrongdoers will frequently secrete small amounts systematically over a long span. Unfortunately, such actions are not always the easiest to recover.

It is where highly trained and experienced private investigators intervene and resort to their tried and tested approaches to uncover the truths behind funds misappropriation or embezzlement.

In case of possible employee theft; a private investigator will look to prevent the theft, recover the lost amount and pursue criminal charges against the wrong-doer.

If the involved case is criminally prosecuted; there is every chance that the concerned employee will opt for restitution to avert jail time. In such a situation, professional private investigators will use their field knowledge, expertise and resources to conduct a comprehensive investigation into all financial records to find licit proof that the employee accused is indeed responsible for funds misappropriation or embezzlement.

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A Sneak Peek Into Those Preventative Measures Taken By Private Investigators.

  • Surveillance Of A Specific Target Suspected Of Commit Embezzlement

The first course of action that a notable private investigator will take is to perform surveillance of the person of interest accused of making a fraudulent practice. The surveillance may include both visual and audio surveillance as per the  state laws or needs of the surveillance.

Using both these approaches, the P.I will monitor their activities leading up to the day of the funds misappropriation or embezzlement.

Checking payments and invoices to spot funds misappropriation

Whenever the need arises, a private investigator will infiltrate the internal system, check how the internal controls are and if there is a need to re-calibrate it to protect the business better.

Proper internal control often helps businesses avert losses occurred by fraud or errors or from liability. A private investigator recommends limiting the funds which an individual is sanctioned for payment. In addition to this, a P.I will also suggest routinely checking the invoices and payments to eye for any fraudulent acts like funds misappropriation or embezzlement.

Conducting Interviews To Detect Any Fraudulent Activity.

Top private investigators will conduct interviews and even write down specific questionnaires to enquire about claimants which might be used as evidence in a court of law.

Moreover, they will question or enquire about other employees, supervisors or associates to know the truths behind such ill-acts.

Performs Thorough Research To Detect Issues In Internal Controls.

Top-rated private investigations will perform thorough research to detect issues in internal control and determine the possibility of fraud.

The investigator will review all computer files, electronic files, audio files and other documents to help them know about any fraudulent activities or issues.

Carry Out Comprehensive Background Checks To Stop Businesses From Hiring or Keeping Unscrupulous People.

A professional private investigator will always aim to perform a thorough background check on that ‘person of interest’ to stop business owners from hiring or keeping an unscrupulous individual amidst their mix.

With the help of a comprehensive background check, a P.I will be able to identify if any particular employee or business partner has a criminal history or was sued previously by another organisation due to similar fraudulent activities.

Moreover, they will also inspect the claimant’s record to check if the person concerned is a serial claimant and has been convicted due to several such fraudulent claims previously.

Ready To Hire A Private Investigator To Resolve Your Funds Misappropriation Issues?

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