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Private Investigator in Singapore and Their Work Areas

The unrest among men and women are increasing by leaps and bounds. The pathetic but interesting fact is that 19 per cent of the total married people are unfaithful to their spouses. This is not told by our side. It is found in the database of the Durex survey in 2011, and this is the end of 2019. Probably the result is harsher than ever before. This is why the demand for private investigator Singapore has been increased many times.

It is very interesting that the pole on 506 Singaporean families reported that they spend thousands of dollars to hire private investigators to keep an eye to their maids!

You will be highly amazed at learning the fact on which the women invest a PI in Singapore. While the High Court claims only an amount of $10,000 for their husband’s amorous relationship, the PI assistance fee is around $55,000 (variable). As the reliability and confidence in each other has been going reduced for years, the demand for private investigation Singapore has been increased many times.

Here a brief overview has been provided about the legal issues that private investigation department solves out.

  • Maid surveillance
  • Surveillance on employee movement (in particular, the people in the position)
  • Surveillance of spouses against their beloved partners to prove positive adultery
  • Searching out the missing personals (in particular, for property related matters)
  • Children surveillance
  • To find out whether the family person is related to gambling
  • Copyright and Trademark forgery cases investigation
  • Observation report to obtain the evidence to prove civil criminal matters

However, these are the highlighted matters that come to our the facts of all crimes and investigation. You will surely get more variations of private investigation field when you need.

Works that need special permission to accomplish

These are some special segmentation where a private investigator Singapore cannot poke their nose in except special legal permission.

  • Assignments on political figures
  • Diplomats and their families
  • Foreign diplomats
  • Military sensitive cases
  • Protected places
  • Foreign consulates
  • Entry and departure checkouts of someone
  • Private school investigation, etc.  

Some illegal activities are not allowed to be committed by general people but the Police or private investigators can. Still, there are some legal points on which they are bound. In such cases, they should inform the clients to change the method of investigation that law permits. However, there is no law against the use of spy cam while going on a private investigation Singapore. Do you want to know more about PI laws more in details? Follow us and get in touch with us, we will gradually update them here.

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