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6 Clear Signs Your Spouse is Unfaithful – A PI’s Take!

Private Investigator Singapore

Truth Be Told – it is never easy finding out that your supposedly loyal spouse/partner has been unfaithful or is bent with someone else!

As per notable private investigator in SingaporeThere are so many aspects which come under threat- most crucially your relationship.

Yes, You May Ask Yourself –

What If… You’re Wrong In Accusing Her?

Oh.. but wait; What if you turn out to be right all along?

And, If You Do Turn Out To Be Right, Then –

How will things be with your spouse…?  Will things ever go back to normal…?  Will you ever be able to see her, lover her and even touch her as before…?


Will You Ever Be Able To Trust Anyone Ever Again After Your Partner’s Infidelity…?

In words of experts operating in a reputed private investigation agency in Singapore  –

When it comes to cheating or being unfaithful, hindsight is paramount. No matter whenever your partner’s unfaithfulness comes to light, it is often easy to come to terms with those potential signs which were always there… which you apparently missed.”

However, if your partner has remained unfaithful behind your back for some time now without you getting a whiff of it, then don’t be too hard on yourself. Those noticeable signs were always subtle- no matter if the affair was just physical or emotional.

Cheating or unfaithfulness are quintessentially cloaked in mystery. Especially as the obvious course of action (not to mention their guilty conscious) compels them to conceal the truth from their partner.

And since the unfaithful spouse’s intention is to continue this ruse and escape getting caught, they strive to make everything around them – including their actions pretty normal so as they don’t arouse any suspicions.

Now, if you come across as a trusting person who always sees the good in people’s eyes without being judgmental, then it is very easy to get conned by such devious bedswerver. Being good and faithful at heart; you will ignore all potential signs of your spouse’s unfaithfulness and resultantly make it easier for the guilty party to keep indulging with someone else.

If you are a good person, then you surely don’t deserve to be ignored, lied or used as a residual pawn. You need to buck up, be more vigilant, smart and also circumspect every step of the way.

Most importantly, you also have to start trusting your instincts simply because they very rarely let you down, unlike people.

So, without further ado, let’s cut to the chase!

Here are some – Common Tell-Tale Signs Your Spouse Has Been Unfaithful.

  • They Suddenly Become Unreachable

While it acceptable to become busy and as a result unreachable if your spouse has a tough job, if you notice that you aren’t reaching them (consistently) during those times when you could in the past, then it sure does raise a lot of questions including their potential for being unfaithful.

Truth be told, cheating partners constantly need privacy and for that they require blocks of uninterrupted time.

In fact as private investigators near you would put it – Whenever someone is engaged in an affair, they rather make themselves temporarily unreachable, rather than answer their phone and risk you hearing someone else’s voice or background noises to raise their suspicion and even give them a clue to uncovering the truth.

  • Your Spouse’s Friends Appear Anxious or Uneasy Around You

Cheating spouses, while they act carefully in covering their tracks often tend to confide about their affairs to their closest friends. So, in other words, there is a good possibility that their friends may be very much aware of their unfaithfulness.

And because they know the truth, they tend to get a bit uneasy or anxious whenever they’re around you.

  • You Witness A Noticeable Change In Their Phone Habits

 This entails a lot of things; like – altering their password, keeping their phone close to them at all times and constantly monitoring it.

If your partner didn’t do these before and all of this has been a rather recent development, then it could be that they’ve been unfaithful behind your back and deliberately choose to keep you in the dark.

  • They Don’t Seem Inclined Revealing Details Of Their Day

Couples or long-standing partners often share every little detail about their day with each other. But, if one partner chooses to be unfaithful, than this shifts towards their latest fling. And because if it, they don’t seem too inclined revealing details of their day (again) to their partner.

  • You Find Them Spending Less & Less Time With You

As any notable private investigator opine- Another common sign of your spouse cheating behind your back is when your find them spending less and less time with you. This makes sense as- those unfaithful need to make time to spend with their new lover. And they do that by stealing away the time which they otherwise would spend with you.

The wise course of action would be talking to her about what’s going on when they aren’t around a lot with you.

That said, if this doesn’t work, then your alternative course of action should be to hire a private investigator operating near you to conduct a discreet investigation and dig up licit proof on your partner’s infidelity / unfaithfulness.

You might not like the truth, but at least you will be in the clear and get closure deep down.

  • Most Evidently -They Counter Your Questioning By Cross Accusing You Of Being Unfaithful

Believe it or not, but this is one common habit which cheating partners do whenever they’re caught. Whenever questions are asked or accusations are hurdled, her defensive mechanisms takes over and cross accusing you of being unfaithful is just a part of their reaction.

Truth be told, this tactic works well as it only makes you upset in the process and compels you to say –     ‘We both need some time away from each other…’ This gives your cheating spouse the opportunity to meet up with their new lover and spend as much time as needed.

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