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How A Private Investigation Company Can Save Your Pre-Marital Life?

Private Investigation Singapore

Know Your Partner Before You Tie The Knot

Your marriage is most certainly not a cakewalk. It is a fresh and meaningful new chapter of your life that constantly requires dedicated care, hard work and good intentions to nurture it into a long-standing relationship. However,  as seen so many times, not everyone is fortunate enough to lead a blessed married life- (even when they happen to marry the person they love). So… How Does One Truly Know Whether They Spouse-To-Be Is Trustworthy & Honest? It’s simple – you consult with a notable private investigation company in Singapore to help you dig up the truth!

Marriages are often considered as one of the most life-changing events in any person’s life. And considering the unreliable nature of this present world, it’s only fair to assume that this new phase of your life can either prove dynamically good and bad.

Keeping this in mind, it would not be a bad idea to double-check just to be sure of everything by hiring an experienced and reliable private investigator operating in and  across Singapore.

In this post we will discuss more on how PI investigation helps find out various truths about your potential- partner for life.

Exploring How A PI Investigation Saves Your Pre-Marital Life…!

  • Helps You Know About Your To-Be Spouse’s Daily Routine

Conducting a pre-marital investigation on your spouse-to-be allows you to be aware of their daily routines, favourite habits, hobbies, social circle and what kind of a person they are in their society.

In simple terms, such investigations help reveal the basic character of the person concerned.

  • On Request – They Provide You A Detailed Pre-Marital Enquiry & Investigation Service

A pre-marital private investigation also presents you a detailed pre-marital enquiry along with comprehensive investigation service to help dig up the truth for you.

Some aspects which a private investigation will bring forth to you include as follows –

  • Personality traits
  • Current/Previous Employment checks
  • Status of their health
  • Educational background
  • Source of income an financial details

and so on…!

  • Reveals Whether Your To-Be-Spouse Is Seeking For Another Marriage Partner/Has A Past Relationship/ Is Having An Affair

With the help of a private investigation; you get the scope to find out whether your spouse-to-be is seeking for another marriage partner, is still entangled with their past relationships or is simply having an affair with someone besides you.

With so many distinct possibilities, it always bodes well if you hire a private investigator to find out the real truth and resultantly get an exact understanding of your potential partner as well as their situation.

  • Lets You Know If Your Potential Partner Has Any Physical / Mental Illness

If your partner has a physical or mental illness or often suffers from behavioral self-destructive patterns, truth be told- eventually this will cripple your married life.

You don’t want anything like that to happen with you. Do you?

So as the safer option; look to hire a private investigator near you to help you learn whether your potential partner consists of any pre-existing physical or mental illness.

Quality PI services have proven methods to find out such sensitive truths. Surely, they will be glad to help you know about your potential partner as they truly are.

  • Makes You Aware About Their Drug Addictions/Alcohol Habits

Prior to marriage, no one (or at least very few) will openly reveal that they have some drug addictions or alcohol habits. This is simply because, they fear it could create a bad impression to the other party.

But this is wrong on their part.

Since marriage is a unification of two individuals made one; your life and your happiness is also on the line. And just because your potential partner is not willing to be on the up and up with you, it doesn’t mean that you have to blatantly accept their dishonestly and still continue with everything as previously scheduled.

To know for sure about their possible drug addictions and alcohol habits, hiring a PI is the best feasible option to learn about their veiled truth.

  • Also Informs You About Any Criminal Record/Offenses Which Your Potential Partner is accounted/accused for

Above all, another prominent reason to hire an experienced private investigator near you in Singapore is to find out whether your potential marriage-appropriate partner has any discriminating criminal offense or charges against their name.

To help you unravel the truth behind their masquerade of civility, top private investigators make use of different approaches to bring truth to light.

They will discreetly ask about them by residents of the same neighborhood and even make an effort to check all official records and documents which accuse the person in the focus of such evil deeds.

Once they gather up all facts and records, they will share it with you for your own assessment. And if your potential partner is rightly charged for their criminal offenses, these investigation reports and findings will allow you to dodge a potential bullet and save your pre-marital life.

Transparency & Trust Are The Hallmarks Of Every Successful Marriage…!

Without it, feelings of irritation, distrust and all other kinds of negativity manifests in your marriage and eventually makes the life you two build together fall apart.

And when that happens, you most certainly don’t want to be at the receiving end of it all. This feeling of separation can weight you down emotionally and take you into a state of raw, inescapable anguish.

You will not only become an emotional wreck, but your other chores and responsibilities will also start to get hampered in more ways than one.

To save yourself from these horrors, it is always wise to organise an under-the-radar private investigation to learn the truths about your potential partner

After all without conducting a comprehensive private investigation and learning everything about your potential partner for life – YOUR MARRIAGE BASICALLY BECOMES NOTHING MORE THAN A GAMBIT.


To find out the truth (no matter how ugly it could turn out to be); trust Baker St. Private Investigator to give you closure and consequentially save your pre-marital life!

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